“Cybersex, in all forms of illicit sex from chat rooms to pornography, is a perfect metaphor for life without God in a dramatic attempt to circumvent a life of relational pain. Everything seems real in the illusion, but the meaning is lost in the masquerade of self-satisfaction. There is something that is truly missing.” By Dr. Harry W. Schaumburg · Follow on Twitter

Your Husband Looks at Porn: Now What?

(First published in Today’s Christian Woman) Dr. Harry W. Schaumburg Typically the event doesn’t start with a confession, but by discovering your husband has a secret problem with lust, masturbation, and pornography. Faced with horrifying acts of betrayal, your reactions may range from sadness to depression, anger to rage, to sexual disinterest, to having an […]

Message To Parents

Romeo and Juliet is a tragic Shakespearean romance about two young lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families. Juliet was just shy of fourteen years of age. Today, thirteen-year-old girls may long for a romantic relationship with their “Romeo” only to be pressured into performing sex on the boy who then puts the video […]

Lust Is Dangerous!

Lust often goes no further than visual sex, yet there is a loss of control of the lustful thoughts. Contrary to the disease model there remains for many a strong motivation of fear that controls the progression of the behavior. For others, the loss of control coupled with living in a digital world quickly moves […]

From Our Stone Builder Newsletter: The Danger of Looking Back

The women of the Bible present fascinating stories, but it is important to remember their exploits, faith and courage as instruction to all us. Ruth’s story is 3000 years old yet highly relevant instruction regarding the sovereignty of God, the sexual nature of humanity and the mercy of God. Sarah was so beautiful kings desired […]

The Occupational Hazards of Ministry

DR. HARRY W. SCHAUMBURG The Bible holds the office of elder in high esteem. Whoever desires to be a pastor has set his heart on a noble task because it involves the oversight of God’s people through ruling and teaching. To do the job requires not only knowledge and wisdom, but also a well-guarded heart, […]

Who Is in Control?

“Most of us have never really understood that Christianity is not a self-help religion meant to enable moral people to become more moral. We don’t need a self-help book; we need a Savior. We don’t need to get our collective act together; we need death and resurrection and the life-transforming truths of the gospel.” -Counsel […]