On Desiring God: Sexual Sin in the Ministry

For the last twenty years thousands of men from across America struggling with sexual sin have come to our intensive counseling workshop. Over half were pastors and missionaries. Continue Reading →

From Our Stone Builder Newsletter: The Danger of Looking Back

The women of the Bible present fascinating stories, but it is important to remember their exploits, faith and courage as instruction to all us. Ruth’s story is 3000 years old yet highly relevant instruction regarding the sovereignty of God, the sexual nature of humanity and the mercy of God. Sarah was so beautiful kings desiredRead More

The Occupational Hazards of Ministry

DR. HARRY W. SCHAUMBURG The Bible holds the office of elder in high esteem. Whoever desires to be a pastor has set his heart on a noble task because it involves the oversight of God’s people through ruling and teaching. To do the job requires not only knowledge and wisdom, but also a well-guarded heart,Read More

Who Is in Control?

“Most of us have never really understood that Christianity is not a self-help religion meant to enable moral people to become more moral. We don’t need a self-help book; we need a Savior. We don’t need to get our collective act together; we need death and resurrection and the life-transforming truths of the gospel.” -CounselRead More

The Greatest Challenge Ever Faced

“Grotesque schizophrenia” – That famous comment on American churches of the 1940’s came from Sayid Qt’b, a leading Muslim radical and one of Osama bin Laden’s favorite writers. He was not describing today’s churches, but the “white picket fence” congregations that he saw in Colorado long before the seismic sixties had left their mark. Twenty years later, Theodore Roszak described the Californian churches similarly as “privately engaging but publicly irrelevant,” a historian’s rendering of the schizophrenia the devout Muslim scorned, and which social scientists had long called the “privatization” of religion in the modern Western world.

Sexual Redemption?

After nearly three decades of helping individuals and couples, and based on a continual study of the Bible, I’ve reached this conclusion: To be spiritually mature, you must be sexually mature; to be sexually mature, you must be spiritually mature. That in brief is the message of my new book Undefiled and the essence ofRead More

Keeping the Marriage Bed Undefiled

We all probably know at least one person who has been unfaithful to their spouse, or their spouse has been unfaithful to them. Still, it is hard to get a handle on how many married people have been unfaithful, given the inherent secrecy. Many of the statistics about infidelity floating around the internet are dubious.Read More

Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out

Sin is never acceptable to God! Putting ourselves first is wrong for in so doing sin is always a disregard for God and others. While we justify the public expression of such sins as anger, gossip, malice, enmity, strife, jealousy, slander, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, and lying, the Word of God is very clear: “YouRead More

Fireproof Your Life and Marriage

In the movie Fireproof, a powerful statement is made about the power of God to transform sexual behavior and a troubled marriage. For eighteen years, our Brief Intensive Counseling program has offered the same truth and witnessed the same power in the reality of countless hundreds of marriages destroyed by pornography. In my new book,Read More