Betrayed in Love

Sexual sin can quickly become a nightmare. John started looking at pornography when he was nine years old. Along with masturbation, that habit continued through seminary and into his marriage to Joyce. By the time he was pastoring, he was sexting and sex chatting online. When asked if he wanted sex with a sixteen-year old…

Alternative Sex: Is It Really An Alternative?

The movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, opens Thursday night just before Valentine’s Day, and it is reported it will be Fandango’s top five advance ticket-sellers in the company’s 15-year history. That’s right up there with Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Twilight movies. Interest in the movie grows as people look for an exciting girls’ night out or as a date night for Valentine’s weekend.

Your Husband Looks at Porn: Now What?

(First published in Today’s Christian Woman) Dr. Harry W. Schaumburg Typically the event doesn’t start with a confession, but by discovering your husband has a secret problem with lust, masturbation, and pornography. Faced with horrifying acts of betrayal, your reactions may range from sadness to depression, anger to rage, to sexual disinterest, to having an…

Lust Is Dangerous!

Lust often goes no further than visual sex, yet there is a loss of control of the lustful thoughts. Contrary to the disease model there remains for many a strong motivation of fear that controls the progression of the behavior. For others, the loss of control coupled with living in a digital world quickly moves…

Is It Sexual Addiction or Is It Sexual Sin?

For more than eight years the evangelical church has been forced into an unwilling awareness that there is sexual sin in our midst. There is an increasing volume of books, articles, and seminars. New ministries and more counselors are jumping on the opportunity to sell a book, build a practice or establish a thriving ministry.