Speaking Engagement Requests

Thank you for your inquiry regarding Dr. Schaumburg’s availability to speak at your church, event or sponsor a Restoring Sexual Purity Seminar.

Please consider the following issues when placing an invitation:

1. Generally, Dr. Schaumburg is unable to accept speaking invitations that conflict with our Brief Intensive Counseling/Restoring Sexual Purity Workshops that are held at Stone Gate. Please review those dates at stonegateresources.org.

2. If you wish to submit an invitation, please include the following information in an email to Dr. Schaumburg at harry@stonegateoffice.com.

  • What church(s) or organization will sponsor the Restoring Sexual Purity Seminar?
  • If it is not a Restoring Sexual Purity Seminar, what is the event; its vision, and purpose?
  • What are the specific dates?
  • Are you willing to have a book table to sell books and CDs recommended by Dr. Schaumburg? Books will be purchased by Stone Gate Resources at wholesale cost and sold at full retail. Profit on the sale of all materials goes to Stone Gate Resources. Cost of materials and shipping will be covered by Stone Gate Resources.
  • Is there a nearby college or seminary where Dr. Schaumburg could be booked to speak in chapel?
  • Do you have access to a Christian radio station that would be willing to interview Dr. Schaumburg by phone prior to the event?

In extending an invitation for Dr. Schaumburg to speak, you will incur the following expenses:

  • An honorarium of $1500.00 for a weekend event such as a Restoring Sexual Purity Seminar. The honorarium for single speaking engagement, such as a conference, will be negotiated with Dr. Schaumburg.
  • The cost of a refundable economy airline ticket. All travel arrangements will be made by Stone Gate Resources and a receipt for reimbursement will be submitted to the sponsoring church or organization.
  • Hotel accommodations and the cost of all meals, including meals in transit.
  • If required, the cost of a rental car.