BIC / Restoring Sexual Purity Workshop

Who is Sexually Broken?

In the beginning, God created both maleness and femaleness as expressions of His likeness. Our sexuality was made for intimacy to express the glory of God. In our fallen world, that glory has become ruined. Sin has damaged our sexuality and perfect intimacy is no longer possible. Real intimacy is a mixed struggle of sorrow and joy.

How is sexual sin expressed?

False intimacy has become a substitute for real intimacy. What was “very good” is potentially evil when sexuality is expressed through perverse and averse actions. Sexual sin is more than simply a disease or dysfunction. Tragically, our sexuality is often expressed through pornography, adultery and other illegitimate behaviors.

In our therapeutic culture sexual sin is called a sexual addiction; a disease which “recovery” offers the only path to healing. We are led to believe that sexual sin is primarily a demonstration of woundedness, rather than expression of raw self-centeredness and rebellion against God. It is a corruption that every man and every woman must battle to the death (Romans 8:13).

What can you expect from Brief Intensive Counseling?

Brief Intensive Counseling goes beyond recovery to offer real change, pointing people away from sexual sin to restored intimacy with God and others. It is brief counseling, in that it allows for significant work to be completed in a short amount of time. It is intensive counseling in allowing for a higher level of concentration on personal issues. It is a private, personal time to grow in the Lord, begin a process of restoration, and find hope in a secluded setting of peace and quiet. It is especially suited for busy Christian leaders and their wives. Married couples benefit immensely from time together. Singles move toward change and purpose.

Brief Intensive Counseling is a time to experience quiet, personal contemplation while facing issues deep within the heart. This program has proven to be a time for restoration for those who struggle with sexual sin or relational brokenness. All counseling is private and confidential for individuals or couples. There are no group counseling sessions.

Why Brief Intensive Counseling?

Brief Intensive Counseling is distinctly different from traditional counseling. In traditional counseling, a counselor meets with a client weekly for one hour. This type of counseling may last several months or years. Brief Intensive Counseling allows significant work to be completed in a shorter amount of time with a higher level of concentration on indwelling sin issues. Most importantly, individuals hear from God and experience true restoration. The depth, complexity, ugliness, and danger of sexual sin are addressed without the disruption of work schedules or personal responsibilities that often hinder the change process.

We do not offer quick relief, but a time and a place to begin long-term, deep growth in the grace of God that will train you “to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in the present age” (Titus 2:12). We offer real change, not behavior management.

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